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How can Swift help you?

The first step is your enquiry: maybe an email from this website, or perhaps a phone call. Whichever way, we will spend some time finding out what you want, how we can help you to realise your dream, and most importantly, fulfil your expectations.

You come first.

...our system is focused on producing a building that exceeds your expectations and is not limited by standardised production systems nor our tastes overtaking yours. Therefore you just need to concentrate upon what will make your family and friends say “Wow” when they see your investment for the first time.... and the second!
“We already had high expectations of our Garden Studio, but the reality goes significantly beyond our dreams!”

Often, before we meet in person, we’ll exchange ideas, photos and basic proposals... giving you time to totally absorb yourself in the ideas and aspirations you have for your new room. We will work to your timeframe, your ideals and your budget to develop a building that will not just be fit-for-purpose, but will excite and delight you. You want a building that you can be proud of. We listen carefully, and then get creative.

We then arrange to carry out a site survey for the proposed building. Part of this time is spent learning more about what you want from your new space. We’ll also take measurements, check levels, look at accessibility, locate services, study the existing environment and identify potential challenges, and all other factors that will influence the successful outcome of your project.

We then work on creating a document that guides and lead you to a design and specification that suits your aspirations and your budget. This may be reached in a couple of days, or it may demand more discussion and investigation to reach your perfect solution.

Depending upon your aspirations, we may quickly arrive at a garden room that matches your requirements and we can make a start on the installation process straight away... OR

.... maybe you want something that is totally individual and has a strong style that sets it apart from anything else that you have seen in your research. Fantastic....”Bring it on!” is what we say! We have a team of designers and engineers who can produce a new space that is totally unique. What makes you excited? Art Deco, Ultra modern, traditional rural or urban chic? We love to create new styles so please let your hopes fly!

As soon as you instruct Swift to go ahead, we advise you of the lead-in time, agree a mutually convenient date for starting the build, and keep you informed every step of the way. Sound communication with our clients is a major strength of the Swift team and you’ll see that all of our testimonials reflect this beneficial customer requirement.

The beauty of our system is that a large proportion of your new building is prepared in a dedicated factory off-site. Once the ground-works and preparations are complete this makes for a fast and exciting installation process.

Good service from start to finish. The construction process went very smoothly and the finished room looks great


Just like those dramatic build sequences on the TV (typically Grand Designs), the first few days of your project can see a house-sized structure have walls and a roof, whilst a garden studio could be nearing completion. It has to be seen to be believed!
The usual waste, mess and disturbance which are normally associated with some other building practices are greatly reduced in this process. You will be given realistic and honest appraisals of what to expect and wherever possible we will take your special requirements fully into account (for example, classrooms built in school holiday periods; garden rooms in time for special dates, etc).

At the end, we will give you a beautiful building that’s ready for your immediate use and enjoyment. We love our job and our aim is always to end with a smile of satisfaction and delight.

I have just experienced one of the best 4-6 weeks of my life! From the initial starting point of design to the finished product, it has exceeded all expectations