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Loft Conversion or Swift Home Extension?

A loft conversion can appear a fine way of increasing the space in your home without even increasing the external footprint.  Indeed, because we listen carefully to your aspirations we will always be happy to try and find the best option for you.  Although we do not undertake loft conversions we are aware that they are worthy of consideration.  What is interesting is the comparison in the process and then the final benefits of the different ways that you can add space to your home. 

We listen to your thoughts about how you want to use the space.  We can offer suggestions on how your new space can exceed your expectations by our attention to the details that will make it a success; a place that you and your family crave to spend time in.  

What are the important factors when comparing a Swift Home Extension and a Loft Conversion?

  • Timescale:  A Swift Home Extension can be completed within as little as 3 weeks on site work, and much of this will be outside until the final knock through.  By comparison, a loft conversion involves many processes that have to be fabricated on site and it is not uncommon for timescales to greatly exceed 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Disruption: Whilst the space may already be held within your home, a loft conversion usually requires major alterations in order to meet building regulation standards and produce usable and appealing space.  Creating openings for natural light, strengthening floor structure, increasing insulation levels are some important factors.  You will of course also need to be able to access the loft conversion which will involve installing a new staircase.  Also bear in mind the space that you will sacrifice to provide such access.
  • Dirt and Grime:  When you last ventured into your loft was it clean and pristine?  Probably not!  All building work creates dust, and loft conversions are possibly the worst generators of muck and grime.

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your needs and hopes?  Our Swift team are looking forward to hearing from you and are ready to listen to your needs.  Please click here to get in touch.