Home Extensions - Your "Swift Box on the Back"

Featured on Channel 4's amazing SpacesSwift Home Extensions is our way of utilising the same process and materials we’ve successfully developed for many years on our “detached” extensions – Swift Garden Rooms.  Due to the quality, speed and efficiency of our system, more people are now coming to Swift to request that we build their “attached” home extension.  Swift Garden Room Extensions may be the perfect way to add extra space to your home. The SIP system of construction allows most of your new rooms structure to be manufactured off-site in clean, dry factory conditions. This means that you can see your new home extension room completed in days – not months!

Our extensions are the perfect “Box on the Back” – a speedy and effective way of giving new, extra space that is going to transform the enjoyment of your home. The quality of the finished construction is excellent and often out-performs traditional building methods with enviable insulation properties and air-tightness.

Martin was always very good at keeping in contact and the team of builders did their best to keep the house and garden tidy and clean during the work and the quality of the work was good.
LS, (Didsbury)

Our Garden Room Extensions make a statement. They are stylish, efficient and can transform your lifestyle. The key to us providing a cost-effective and simple solution for your need-for-space lies in the carefully planned and efficient process that we have developed. This cannot suit every project, and we aim to help you understand if the Swift option is the one for you.

Our attached Garden Rooms are available in two categories:

THE SKY-VIEW GARDEN ROOM – This is the fastest way to get more space on your home, perfect for when you want the minimum of red tape and the fastest possible process from design to installation. The room could literally be completed within a couple of months of your enquiry (subject of course to our installation calendar). The design of the room, plus the connection to the existing house both adhere to the Building Regulation and Permitted Planning guidelines, allowing the process to be completed with the minimum of red tape. There is no need for the building regulation inspection process and, often, no need for a full planning application. This is a room that has lots of glazing, including much of the roof, and really connects with the garden.

Swift Sky-View Room is a more independent room, retaining the external-quality connecting door from the rest of your home. There are several conditions which are met by Swift in order to achieve this speedy addition of space. Here are the key features

  • 75% of the roof will be glazed (clear or obscured)
  • 50% of the walls will be glazed (including the main bi-fold or sliding doors)
  • The finish to the external walls can contrast the main house giving a contemporary and stylish appearance. Typically, this can be cedar cladding, render or stylish coloured or textured panels.
  • The doorway from your existing home into the room will be of exterior grade
  • Any heating system will be independent of that in the existing home
  • The room can be up to 30 square metres (e.g. 7.5m x 4m)

THE HOME GARDEN ROOM - When you want your new space to be more fully integrated into the main accommodation and maybe want less glazing, then this is going to be your choice. A modern, efficient and stylish room that can be designed to perfectly match your needs.

The Swift home garden room is for projects where the connection between the existing accommodation and the new room will be open, or have a standard interior-grade door. The key features include:

  • There is greater flexibility over the amount of glazing in the walls and roof including a completely solid roof.
  • The access from your existing home can be an interior grade door or left as an open thoroughfare which can be an existing doorway or adapted window.
  • The style and finish of the room can be bespoke to your aspirations (subject to planning conditions).

Your Swift team are keen to work with you and create a building that matches your aspirations. Something that makes you smile with satisfaction whenever you use it. Please contact us on 01625 875588 or support@swiftorg.co.uk so that we can continue that process.

We’ve had lots of positive comments, particularly about the roof. I think the aim of providing a garden room extension which enhances our period cottage has been achieved. 
SP (Greater Manchester)


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