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Garage Conversion or Swift Home Extension?

“We just need more space to live in!”

What do you dream of with your new space and how do you visualise your home? Here are some helpful questions that you may like to answer when you’re considering your new home layout and appearance:

  • What is the new space going to be used for and what attributes does it need in order to fulfil your demands; access, windows view, privacy, light levels, headroom, etc?
  • What are the perfect dimensions and proportions of your new room: square, rectangular, etc?
  • How can you compensate for the lack of storage if you lose your garage?
  • What method of extending your accommodation would improve the appearance the most (either from the back or the front)?
  • What effect are your plans going to have upon the future saleability, appeal and value of your home?

If you’re able to start your plans for a new room with a clean sheet of paper, what can it allow you to do?  How does your design best match all of your ideas and hopes?  What features do you really want to include and how does it change and improve your enjoyment of your home-life?

Maybe your completely new room enables you to have exactly what you dream of without compromise.  Maybe the added investment of a new room, over a conversion, actually proves to be a sound financial and emotional decision with better rewards for you and yours?

We listen to your thoughts about how you want to use the space.  We can offer suggestions on how your new space can exceed your expectations by our attention to the details that make it a success; a place that you and your family love spending time in.  

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your needs and hopes?  Our Swift team are looking forward to hearing from you and are ready to listen to your needs.  Please click here to get in touch.