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Conservatory or Swift Home Extension?

“We just need more space to live in!”

Conservatories have long been a simple and cheap way of adding a room to your house.  To comply with regulations they have to retain separation from the main house by means of an external quality door and not be connected to the main home’s central heating system.

Why these regulations?  Simple; because of the amount of translucent materiel (glass or polycarbonate) conservatories have a propensity to have very inefficient thermal qualities.   On bright sunny days they are renowned for becoming unbearably hot and unusable, whilst in the winter they can never be heated to a comfortable level without immense expenditure on heating. 

Swift Home Extensions will design you a room that works for you all the year round and will probably be the most popular space in your home.  The key questions that we suggest you try to answer are:

  • Do you want your new room to be usable throughout the year without compromise?
  • Do you want your new room to be openly connected to the rest of the house via an open way or via internal standard doors?
  • Do you want to have particularly large proportions of glass making up your walls or roof?

Give us the answers to these questions and we can provide you with a solution to your search for the space that you really want.

A Swift home extension is designed and fabricated just for you.  It’s not built from pre-determined panels that will be bolted together in various configurations – it will be a unique set of building elements that create your very own new room (or rooms) – without compromise.

Because of the exceptional insulation that our SIP panel construction system provides, and our smart engineering teams’ capabilities, we can balance your desire for light and sunshine with warmth and comfort.   Beautifully crafted, aluminium framed doors, windows and skylights, together with structural glazing options, combine with solid and robust walls to give you more choice and a room that is as unique as you are.

We listen to your thoughts about how you want to use the space.  We can offer suggestions on how your new space can exceed your expectations by our attention to the details that will make it a success; a place that you and your family crave to spend time in.  
What are the important factors when comparing a Swift Home Extension and a conservatory;

  • Building Regulation Compliance:  When you want your new space to be integral to the rest of the accommodation, we will ensure that SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations and all building regulations are met (or exceeded) and that you receive the required certification.
  • Materials: Do you want your new space to feel as solid as the rest of your home?  If so, then you can rest assured that our engineered and tested fabrications will more than satisfy this aspiration.
  • Appearance: Whether from the inside or the outside, your room should make you smile.  When people see it for the first time, would you like to overhear them saying “Wow... what a fantastic new room”?
  • Limitations: What do you want to do in your new room and how will it be affected by heat, glare and a solid structure?
  • Return on Investment: A Swift home extension will not be close to the “bargain” prices that are offered through some conservatory suppliers, but in reality you can’t expect two such widely differing products to be comparable.  Your investment in a room from Swift will give you a return in two ways.  Firstly you’ll be pleased that you opted for such a high quality building when you’re using the room through all the seasons and enjoying the additional flexibility in your home.  Secondly, when you come to sell your home in the future, you’ll have an asset that’s recognised and appreciated (and paid for) by discerning buyers.

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your needs and hopes?  Our Swift team are looking forward to hearing from you and are ready to listen to your needs.  Please click here to get in touch.